Hylam Langley

Lord of Zenaida 

Age: 16?

Sign: Sagittarius

Lord Hylam is both the Lord of Zenaida and one of King Seymoore’s 6 commissioned officers. So he’s quite busy. Between keeping the peace and managing the Zenaida District Hylam barely has time to sleep. He used to sleep in the barracks with his troops but Seymoore found out and gave him a room in the castle. Hylam turned Zenaida manor into a orphanage for local children, as he was once an orphan himself, so he does not stay there. His staff is dedicated to helping them. Hylam is truly a good person, but he owes his life to the king. He wouldn’t think twice about getting his hands dirty if it was for the king’s justice. 

Seymoore Leighton

King of Syaso

Age: 40’s?

Sign: Leo 

Seymoore Leighton became king in the absence of leadership after the war. Seymoore requested to lead due to his relation to the previous administration and to set right the mistakes of his successor and the newly appointed divine council agreed, not so much because they thought him the best suited, but because Seymoore was ill and would be easy to overcome if need be. Seymoore has in his leadership done great things for the kingdom of Syaso, but has also made some really controversial calls like banning Galentite sale and use in the kingdom. Seymoore believes the benefits of Galentite are far outweighed by the incredibly dangerous side affects, that could maim or kill people. There is a rebellion opposing Seymoore’s rule on this and a few more points.