Here is some information about Hylam and Damiel. I forgot to post this last week. Still hard at work on content for chapter 3, but I wanted to give you insight into some of the… well… background characters that you won’t see a huge amount of. And those that you do!

Lord Hylam has 22 Children!? They are all orphans from the streets of Syaso. Hylam was an orphan himself before being appointed his lordship, so he understands the hardships that Orphans have to go to. Hylam basically works 2 jobs. (His job as a lord, and his job as a commissioned officer for the king.) So his life is very work-work-sleep. His staff handles most of the orphanage work at the house.

Damiel has 5 daughters! I’ve said that a few times. Originally he was married to the youngest daughter of Lord Muthos, Lady Daphne Muthos. Daphne and Damiel had 2 daughters, Magnolia Norton (20) and Daisy Norton (17). Daphne Passed away due to blight exposure six years into their marriage. Lord Norton later married the daughter of Lord Mythoven Galagar, Rawlis Galagar. The two of them had 3 more daughters. Lily Norton (15), Kalina Norton (10) and Willow Norton (5)

At any rate. Damiel is one of Hylam’s few friends on the council. He’s trying very hard to broker a marriage deal between his middle daughter Lily and Hylam. You’ll probably meet Lily at some point, You may see a few of the other girls around on occasion. On Saturday I’ll have two more lords for you to…. look at. See you then.