Look at all these fancy gents! They be the most powerful nobles in Syaso…. Mostly (A few don’t show up when Hylam calls meetings out of disrespect and protest.)

Lord Mythoven Galagar of the Glaucidium District is represented by the Owl. He is wise council to the king. That said, he is often quiet and tends to keep to himself. Galagar is to be head of the council if there is a crisis, meaning that he is trusted by all council members impartially. Galagar has 2 Daughters and 4 sons.

Lord Draven Muthos of the Aquilla District is represented by the Eagle. He is Sharp, stern, and supportive of whatever the country’s message is. Almost blindly. His family is huge. He is well known for trying to get his bloodline expanded to most of the noble houses. He has a family member married into 7 of the 14 houses. Which gives him a great deal of power indirectly. He has 12 children. 8 Sons and 4 Daughters of various ages.

Lord Rago Vargas of the Zonotrichia District is represented by the Sparrow. He is a well known philanthropist in the Kingdom of Syaso. He always donates heavy amounts of funds to local orphanages. Lord Vargas, along with most of the Divine Council, do not acknowledge Lord Hylam’s Lordship. Some choose not to show when he calls meetings. Those like Vargas show to mock him. Lord Hylam is quite suspicious of Vargas and keeps a close eye on him.

Lord Raulthus Pruga of the Buteo District is represented by the Hawk. He is sharp witted, sharp tongued and is well known for his strength. One of the only members of the council that leads his own troops and is known as a fighter. Pruga is a Galentite soldier like Hylam. He is also the current Master of Coin for the kingdom, and handles finances. He feels Hylam is too inexperienced to be in the position he is in. So he often makes off handed comments against him.

Lord Yohk’Sehl Mularva of the Corvus district is represented by the Crow.  holds an interesting position. He is from a border country called Nohlian, which sits on Mirabell Continent’s Border. Yohk’Sehl represents Nohlian on the council, as the country shares similar security risks to Mirabell. Nobody knows much about him however. He tends to stay silent, as a lot of the discussed issues don’t much pertain to him.

I’m sorry in advance for… the lack of things happening this week and next. Lots of character introductions in this chapter.