Hey all.

Checking in from Hiatus. Sorry for the late update. If you missed it, scroll back to Chapter 1 Page 1 (It’s in sexy full color! https://marquiscomics.com/bound-by-blood/page-1-the-letter-arrives/ )

Hiatus is going well. We’re building up new pages and doing great. As an aside. Originally I was going to post a infographic with more information about a lord of Syaso this week. Excitedly, the Webcomic Underdogs are doing a “Quarantine exchange” to bring some light hearted humor during this time of crisis. I swapped with the wonderful Melaredblu, who got me this… almost immediately. Showing an excellent amount of talent and understanding of my comic. It’s all about that butt shot. Yes, Melaredblu called it. The very last panel of Bound by Blood, after all is said and done, will be Luuko’s butt. I promise.

You can check out Melaredblu’s comics below:

The Princess Chroma: princesschroma.thecomicseries.com

Here I Lie Awake: http://hereilieawake.webcomic.ws/

A few notes about Luuko that I may not have made 100% clear in my storytelling.

Luuko Bailore is a commissioned officer for the king, not a lord. I thought for sure he was lordly too.

Basically, there are 6 Commissioned officers under the employ of King Seymoore. 3 of them focus on the City of Syaso’s internal defenses, and 3 of them focus on field work. (Which is mainly responding to dilemmas outside Syaso’s walls. It’s battlefront work, fighting radioactive mutants, keeping rowdy border countries at bay, rough stuff.

Whenever a Full council summons is issued, there must be one field officer and one home officer present. There is generally a rotation for this. It just so happened it was Luuko’s turn. (Hylam prefers the other two’s company much more.) Lord Hylam Langley is the only Commissioned officer that is both a Lord of Syaso and Commissioned officer of the king is Hylam. The others are soldiers who have proved themselves in the field in some way shape or form. (3 of the officers are directly from other lord’s personal details. 2 of them, Luuko and one other earned their position by… just fighting really well.)


At any rate, Please check out Melaredblu’s stuff! They are great! I’ll have something posted over their way soon too!