All of the noble houses are represented by birds in Syaso. Birds sensed the danger of the blight and flew to great heights to keep alive. As such, birds are fairly common in the capitol. The castle raises the banner of the Phoenix, a legendary bird not seen in quite some time. There are 14 Noble houses outside of the phoenix. Glaucidium (Owl), Aquila (Eagle) Zonotrichia (Sparrow), (Buteo (Hawk), Ongle (?), Pandion (Osprey), Aythya (Duck), Clangula (Oldsquaw), Poecile(Chickadee), Ardea (Heron), Corvus (Crow), Zenaida (Dove), Troglodytes (Wren), Picoides (Woodpecker)

Each one of these houses holds a noble representing the house and district. Lord Hylam represents Zenaida. The King Represents Phoenix Castle. These 15 nobles make up the Divine Council.