Palon Goodwin is based on a friend of mine who passed away, Paul Goodwin. I gave him a bit more flavor in this because Paul was a knowledgeable about mystical forces and about games! So I made his character similar. Paul lives on in this comic.

Yohk’Sehl is… well. not very outspoken. But he seems to enjoy the lords in the council tearing themselves apart. Occasionally he’ll instigate them, but he’s pretty neutral most of the time. He quite often plays devil’s advocate on conversations. His country Nohlian is sandwiched between Syaso and Ghirda. Ghirda is like… snowy mountain folks. The people from Ghirda are somewhere between beasts and men, or so they say. Ghirda fiercely attacks the border of Syaso, so Nohlian gets tied up in the fray sometimes. Luuko and two other commissioned officers defend the border with a strong showing of troops.

Sorry I’m a bit behind on these, finals are killing me.