Dahlia’s coming in hot. Poor Hylam has no idea what’s going on.

Missed opportunity earlier to go over Galentite briefly so a quick rundown.

In the past, the discovery of a new ore skyrocketed technological advancements to a record high. Galentite is a crystal that emanates a strange energy. Humanity discovered too late that this crystal was radioactive. The sickness it brought on caused countless deaths, though it also caused mutations. People were able to harness this energy in their bodies, becoming beneficial warriors to any front. Warrior races like the Kodiet forcefully exposed children to Galentite to unlock this power. For years, Mirabell has been recovering from a massive population reduction due to this substance. The harnessing of this element has become a safe process for special teams, manufacturing the crystal into non-radioactive form (Cryn), which this is used to forge weapons as well as allowing power plants the ability to give “safe” energy to citizens. The energy can only be charged through Cryn, or a person’s body (it has strange relations to human physiology that scholars have yet to discover). Regulation in recent years has been harsh. The King has issued all Galentite be gathered up and stored in the castle so that the citizens are safe from its harmful effects, so the Galentite is in safe hands, though not all citizens agree with this sentiment. A rebellion formed to try and reclaim this ore for the people, however, the rebels themselves have been quiet for a while.

Hylam is a Galentite Afflicted warrior, his sword is a Cryn, I’ve been thinking of fun designs for Cryn. I’ll post some weapon development on insta at some point! Hope you enjoyed the page!