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The Kodiet clan initiated genocide against humans and the other clans to prove their superiority. Brayden Kodiet killed the former leader of the Kodiet clan to replace him. The Kodiet clan was a notorious warrior race, they settled all of their problems and dilemma’s through right of combat. And Brayden was the strongest.

The humans, who were subjugated under his rule, worked on a plan to overthrow him in the shadows. Before Brayden took charge, the previous Kodiet ruler had hired on humans to be doctors for the Kodiet, as this was not a position they had even considered needing based on their general merits. Three human doctors, who had studied Kodiet physiology extensively found their weakness to be the crest in the center of their chest. If removed. The Kodiet would expel all blood from their body from that hole. Because Kodiet get more powerful with blood loss. The removal of the crest does give them an incredible power boost before death, but that death is inevitable.

12 warriors were trained in secret to initiate the plan to defeat Brayden and his best warriors using this strategy. The battle was intense, but the 12 Heroes defeated the Kodiet. Taking their crests as trophies. The Clan wars were ended. The heroes established a separate organization called the Mercenaries Guild, and disappeared from general site. The Humans were restored to power, and established the Divine Council. The Kodiet and the Roshanti were defeated by the heroes, and the remaining three clans, The Fullor clan, the Serevi clan, and the Drek clan, were allowed to continue to co-exist, so long as they limited their activities to their respective encampments.

Blanche Nostrade Fullor participated in Brayden’s genocide, and disappeared after the great battle. Nobody knows where she went, though she is currently the most wanted criminal in the kingdom of Syaso due to her participation.