So, this week my colorist was unfortunately rained out. So I figured I’d talk about history and culture of the Mirabell continent! There are a few things coming up that might make a bit more sense with the context of this page.

A brief excerpt from the History page:

The Mirabell continent was once a bustling medieval continent filled with a great diversity of races, known as “clans.” These clans had special traits that elevated them above the humans, giving them an edge. Humans as “traitless” were generally treated as slaves, or did simple tasks in villages, some humans were treated fairly by some clans, though a good portion were treated horribly. A great war was urged on by the devilish new leader of the Kodiet clan, Brayden who initiated a mass genocide of the other clans,thus reducing the once-great diversity of clans to only five: Kodiet, Roshanti, Fulor, Serevi, and Drek. As The Great War reached its climax, humans returned to the scene and regained control of the world after detailed study of the aggressive clans and their weaknesses. A group of 12 humans wiped out the most violent clans, the Kodiet and Roshanti, in one night, and were forever celebrated as The 12 Heroes of Legend. The Fulor, Serevi and Drek clans were allowed to retreat and continue their lives separately, though regulations were put in place to ensure they stayed in their own encampments. The city of Syaso was reinvented as the hub for human government, also becoming their major working capital, and a council of nobility was swiftly established to rule the lands. This new regime has only been in place for 14 years.