The clans – Genetically speaking, cannot produce mixed offspring, genetically they are incapable, they are as different as cats and dogs. This sort of engagement made political marriages between clans all but pointless. As such, the Kodiet onslaught seemed unstoppable.

The Fullor clan, cornered, about to be stomped out by the Kodiet, had run out of ideas. As a last ditch effort working on peace talks, the Fullor chief offered his daughter Blanche Nostrade Fullor as a political marriage option for Brayden Kodiet. Unexpected to the chief, Brayden accepted the proposal, and leaned off of the Fullor clan.

Blanche came to the Kodiet encampment, a terrified girl. And they tore her apart, literally. The Kodiet wanted to test the limits of the Fullor’s natural regeneration abilities. She was subjected to awful tortures. Eventually, she was so used to pain, she became more of an asset. She had no fear and became a ruthless fighter, she eventually impressed the Kodiet, survived, and joined them on the battlefield. And marched on her own people.

When the Kodiet and Roshanti, the most violent clans fell. Blanche disappeared. She hasn’t been seen since, but she became the most wanted criminal in all of Syaso.