The final Hiatus Week. What even IS Galentite. So I’ve been trying to work out mechanics for Galentite that would suit a tabletop rpg (Because that is one of my marketing goals.) So I tied it into the Base DND stats. Because… it’s an easier translation that way. The elemental affliction is there because… elemental stuff is cool. More than anything else. It does give a distinct advantage to Wind and Earth based Galentite users. (In contrast, if other elemental users actually get to pull off things with their element, they will be quite a bit more powerful however.)

A few more extensive off-handed rules: Most likely, people who have an main affliction focus on use of that. (This is why you will mostly see Sierra using Blau for example.) Hylam Langley is a special case. He is incredibly efficient with Rot, but cannot use any other afflictions, despite natural abilities. There IS a reason for this, but I’ll cover it later, it’s not something people generally gain access to.

I specify an Lila Affliction is rare. Only people with a natural affinity for Lila can use it. (in other words, if you were someone who had stat points in INT, it wouldn’t be accessible without at least an 18. It’s basically a super intelligence/psychic powers equivalent. People with a Lila Affliction are incredibly capable warriors, and generally specialists in Lila that rarley move outside of that affliction. Since psychic powers aren’t technically an elemental affliction, it operates a little different than traditional Galentite abilities.

There ARE other unusual circumstance, one off afflictions that exist, they will likely come up at some point, rare colors that have different meanings. Lila was originally classified as one of these, however got added to the main chart because despite being rare, it was observed in more than one individual.

Elements can clash well against each other, but Galentite is designed to give boost to natural abilities. Let me know if you have additional questions about it!