Have a Happy Valentines Day, whatever/whomever Fans I have. I hope it is a Joyeous day.

In the Webcomic Underdogs group we do a yearly valentines exchange, here’s my exchange with Glenn from This Mortal Coil. It’s a fun historical fantasy romp that’s really well done! You can visit Kamiko and check out her adventures at https://www.mortalcoilcomic.com/ Be sure to drop in on Glenn, he’s quite talented!

Kamiko and Hylam trade some chocolates in a…. um ~gulp~ heated exchange. I wonder if chocolate in the Kingdom of Syaso is good… hadn’t thought about it, I’m sure there are some fun delicacies and confectionaries about, but they use what they have and can find, so it might not be up to a dimension hopping goddess’ standards.

Hylam doesn’t have a mother Kamiko, he was an orphan! You’re Cruel! (lol)

Sierra-Star hooks up Kamiko with a chocolate here too. She might want to check it for poison if she was flirting with Lord Hylam though.

Have a good day with your loved ones! Let me know what you think of the exchange, regular update next week :3