Hello all, sorry for the slight delay posting this. I joined the Webcomic Underdogs a bit more than a year ago and it’s an excellent collective of artists and webcomics. There are art trades every year on holidays and this year, the wonderful MJ Massey from Black Ball did an excellent traditional rendition of Hylam and Sierra hanging out with Space Lincoln (Who is… the old Underdogs mascott.) Black Ball is a super interesting story based in an alternate universe in the 1920s where magic exists and is outlawed. It’s an intriguing murder mystery that I recommend checking out with an upcoming Kickstarter! So be sure to check it out and support MJ’s work! You can check out Black Ball Below:


Also, I did a crossover for black ball which should be featured on that page too! So check it out.

Another old page next week, and a new page the following week! Have a great holiday,.