Sierra doesn’t know what acting even means. Not even trying over here. You’d think that cool and collected Sierra from chapter 1 would show through a bit, maybe the bar was more her speed.

Some re-occurring background characters here: Lord Fillock Adelaide of Picoides is the long, flowing blonde haired gentleman, he’s quite popular with the ladies of the court. Interestingly, Lord Hylam listed a few members of the divine council who did not answer his summons, Fillock was one of them. There are a few high and mighty lords in the kingdom who look down on Hylam and disregard him. Vargas is also one of these. But he attended Hylam’s summons to mock him. Fillock just couldn’t care less, he likes to party and doesn’t really care much about associating with lesser folk. He’s downright rude to commoners, and of course, Lord Hylam as well, who he views as one.

Another Cameo! Hipopotamo, creator of the M9 Girls web comic gets a shout out in panel 1 with Professor T.X. and Any! Check out his comic at M9 Girls! – Mad science just got prettier

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