So, this segment wasn’t in the original script and was added later… It was something that I felt I needed to do because I eluded to it last chapter.

The remaining clansmen are sequestered in their own encampments. By law. They are not allowed to engage with Syaso and keep to themselves. There are three major clans that weren’t exterminated after the wars, the Fullor, the Serevi and the Drek.

The Kodiet and Roshanti clans were exterminated and are believed to be extinct due to their violent nature. This was after years of brutal oppression of human-kind. So the government in Syaso viewed this as a necessary step. The sequestering of the remaining clans… that’s a hot ticket issue.

Once everything was resolved, the clans-folk decided to keep to themselves for their own safety, they did not oppose the clan restrictions proposed by Syaso. These aren’t exactly “concentration camps” but the clans simply retained their original lands and properties and continue to exist in the wasteland outside of the influence and protection of Syaso. They can defend themselves from the monstrosities that wander the lands and do not mind this for the most part.

Sierra being a Fullor Clansman and causing trouble in the capitol warranted a summons for Radcliff Nostrade Fullor. Radcliff is the current leader of the clan, and is shown here with his wife Lauriel, and their children Walken and Nutri. Technically, Blanche is Radcliff’s older sister and would be the clan’s leader if not for her current treachery.

The Fullor clan’s traits are their lavender eyes which give them otherworldly senses. They also have heightened recovery capabilities, it is said that clan leaders can even regenerate a limb with their abilities and training.

I hope you enjoy chapter 3. Things get real in it!