Lord Palon Goodwin of Ayathya is represented by the duck. He’s very knowledgeable and keeps an extensive library. He’s a neutral party on the divine council and does not seem to have the same issue with Hylam’s low birth as the other council members. He loves learning new things and playing strategy games.

Lord Shiivus Drakeur of Ongle is a unique force in the kingdom. The Ongle district contains a door to a dimension where bizarre creatures live, and his house is represented by one of these creatures rather than a bird. he keeps one as a pet on his head, but for the most part, only his family lineage can see these creatures. (He seems to have found a way to bring one to this plane in order to prove their existence.) Ongle has it’s own issues, as they are tasked with keeping these creatures at bay for eternity. Because of the nature of these creatures, and the fact that Shiivus is always seeing them, he tunes out the real world quite a bit. He has some issues with communication too as a result of this. He seems to have taken a shining to Hylam, though nobody really knows why.

Hylam mentions three more Lords whom aren’t present. These lords are the most disrespectful towards Hylam, and if he calls a divine council meeting, they usually don’t show. You’ll probably meet them… eventually.