The Divine Council. Different members have different levels of respect for Lord Hylam.

Luuko Bailore is not a member of the Divine Council. He is one of the six commissioned officers under the king’s direct command. Each officer is in charge of a unit that handles Syaso’s defenses. Three Commissioned officers take care of the home defenses in the capitol, and Three handle defenses in the field. Hylam is one of the Home Defense officers, Luuko is a Field defense officer. When an assembly of the divine council is called. generally one Home officer and one Field officer attend and distribute the information to the other officers after. Lord Hylam, since he is both a noble and an officer, is always attending, so the other officers kind of get off with not attending. The field officer who shows is rotated.

Luuko is a battle crazed lunatic. The battlefield is the only place where he feels at home. He wears as little as possible into battle because the risk gives him a thrill. (Despite the fact that Galentite soldiers are rarely undefended due to their aura.) He really wants to fight lord Hylam…. and anybody really.