Many of the Lords in Syaso view Lord Hylam as some kind of “Low born stock.” Based on his background as a street urchin. His rise to power in helping the king was not well received by the rest of the council, and many on the council disrespect him greatly.

However by all intents and purposes, he is still the Lord of Zenaida. Lord Damiel Norton is one of the only Lords that has any inkling of respect for Hylam and his accomplishments, as such, he’s Hylam’s best friend on the council. He’s always trying to set up Hylam with one of his daughters (He has five. no sons.) Hylam is generally annoyed by his insistence.

I love Damiel though, he’s a very doting daddy. I’m going to draw a cute picture of him with his family on Instagram at some point.