Lord Damiel Norton is one of Lord Hylam’s few friends on the divine council. Due to Hylam’s background as a former street urchin turned noble under the command of the king, a lot of the other nobles look down on him and don’t care for him much. Damiel puts those differences aside and seems to enjoy his company.

Damiel is afflicted by a noble man’s “curse”, he seems to only be able to have daughters. Many nobleman sneer at him behind his back because he hasn’t been able to make a male heir, but Damiel loves his daughters and couldn’t have asked for more of a blessing. (He has 5.)

In the page. Damiel mentions “The Children.” and asks how they are doing. Because of Hylam’s background as a street urchin in his youth, he has an affinity for the orphans from the war. When he gained his status, unsure of what to do with all the space he was given with Zenaida Manor, he turned it into an orphanage and started taking kids off the street. He sleeps in the army barracks and gives the kids a happy home. He is quite busy and rarely goes back, but when he does he shares stories of his adventures. The children of Zenaida look up to Hylam as a beacon of hope, that you can get somewhere from these treacherous streets.