Thalia is the castle that the Mercenaries Guild Headquarters currently inhabits. The castle is east of Syaso and about a half day’s travel for a normal traveling party. Though the guild members are anything but normal.

It’s a ragtag bunch of warriors who didn’t quite fit in to the “perfect city” created by Human nobles. Apart from criminals and rough types, many rogue clansmen and other bestial races call Thalia home. The mercenaries guild doesn’t turn away good help, and is immune to the laws and regulations enforced by Syaso.

The raw power contained in the Mercenaries guild is probably stronger than that of the Syasan Military, but gathering them together to fight for one cause would be next to impossible. The guild was founded by the 12 heroes who stopped the Kodiet Campaign of carnage 14 years ago as a check and balance to Syaso. If anybody could band this group together, it would be them.