Lord Hylam rose in the ranks fast and overtook Garman as the successor for the previous charge to King Seymoore. As such, Garman, isn’t a huge fan, though he does admire Hylam’s skill and talents. That said, he’s always looking for an opportunity to outdo him and show he’s more worthy.

So, I’m going on a brief Hiatus for the month of December, part of this is because I’ve caught up to myself, and am working a bit too close to the wire (Hence the late page this week) And part is for development (There are some intense interior scenes coming.) I’m going to upload 4 weeks of character profiles for December, so I will still be uploading weekly. And I will still be working on pages for these 4 weeks to get a bit of a backlog going before I start releasing again in January. Thank you for understanding!