Lord Hylam is in charge of an entire unit of soldiers, these three… you’ll probably see around a lot (Two of them were following him around last chapter!)

Garman is his Lieutenant. Garman follows Hylam’s orders but isn’t too happy about it. Garman was certain he was going to get the position Hylam holds untl he came along and stole his thunder, so he feels some animosity towards Hylam.

Kasmira is the daughter of a different lord who decided she wanted to fight rather than sit around. She is Hylam’s master of arms, and is also assigned to his personal detail. She is incredibly skilled with all manners of weapons.

Koda is based on my friend Dakota Dumas, he passed away several years ago and I included him as a character in Hylam’s entourage. Hylam gets along well with him. They have an unspoken bond.

Cryn blades are weapons that are tempered from galentite. The crystal is normally toxic to hold and be around, however Cyrn is refined to the point where it is no longer toxic. It allows for a flow of Galentite energy to burst through the weapon, and usually needs some kind of ventilation. Regular weapons would deteriorate when Galentite energy flows through them