The most wanted criminal in the Kingdom of Syaso is Blanche Nostrade Fullor. A Fullor clan member who became an assistant in Brayden Kodiet’s genocide of other clans. Brayden was defeated by the 12 heroes and Blanche disappeared soon after. She is notorious for her human experimentation, dissection, and a plethora of awful things she did under the command of Brayden.

The mere mention of her name sends chills to the core of many of the members of the council, Especially the older ones who were around for the Clan War and genocide. The Fullor clan itself has been kept in a separate encampment since the war’s end.

All of the remaining clans after the end of the war were allowed to return to their original territories. But they are closely monitored so that they don’t get out of check. The clans are genetically different from humans to the point that they are like different animals. As such. Genetic mixing between clans, or with human beings, is impossible. The clans themselves have quite unique traits.