Hello Everyone. The note pretty much says it all. But I’ve hit a wall of sorts and need to push back my new page releases a bit longer. I’m hoping the holiday break from work will help me to get a jump on developing new content. Slated return date is January 16th for new pages! I will still be releasing updated color old pages in the meantime. Apologies again for the unexpected hiatus. Been having a difficult time pulling pages together of late and I’m trying to get out of that funk.

As for the new title. I wanted to change it up! I needed something that stood out a bit more. Kodiet is going to be the title of this story going forward.

If you’re a bit more curious about the Kodiet, they do come up quite a few times in the past of this story. And they become a central conflict in the story going forward. The title shift will make more sense later, but I’m going to spend some time going over the Kodiet clan in the coming weeks so I’m… technically uploading new content. I hope this new content helps understand the nature of the Kodiet clan a bit more, and also answers some questions you may have.

I look forward to continuing the current story! I’ve been thumbnailing up a storm (trying to get the full 3rd chapter thumbnailed) And it’s reminding me why I’m excited to draw this chapter. The action and drama really picks up, so I look forward to being able to bring it to you.