One of those questions that you don’t usually think about when writing a story generally, but it was fun to think up some answers. I hope these are fun responses.

An interesting note, for context: I tried my best not to break the fourth wall on the page. But speaking to delicacies and food in Syaso… The options are actually pretty limited. Land based mammals are mutated beyond consumable levels. So this was also a good way to showcase some of the options that people tend to turn to. Birds are commonly referenced In Syaso as they were able to fly away from the danger of Galentite, so Birds are actually a more common meat dish now that they have returned (There are a lot of hot spots around the continent. But there are rumors about of untouched by radiation nature pockets here and there. These are treasured when found, only the most villainous poachers would go after the animals in these pockets. The nightmare creatures roaming the land caused the extinction of many of the other animals who were able to sense the danger and escape, so there’s not a lot going on out there still.

Sierra is a vegetarian! She values life. I had to do a bit of research on how one would be an “Athlete” but also vegetarian. It was interesting to read about.

Which brings us to the nobles and Seafood. So Seafood is popular and trendy with nobles in Syaso, and it’s a delicacy because it is difficult to obtain. The Serevi clan runs the coast and view fishing in their waters as a breach of contracts. They have sunk fishing boats for less. Some Serevi traders do exist and make a killing selling not ideal seafood to humans. It is possible to gain permission to fish the waters if going through very complex channels. Most imports come from the opposite side of the content, sending fishers out that far is a dangerous treck, requires Galentite soldier guards, and an absurd amount of money to accomplish safely. Some nobles fund these expeditions, but it explains why it is considered a delicacy. The King has a right and proper deal with the Serevi to get Seafood sent to the castle and a lot of feasts held in the castle walls involve rare seafood many haven’t seen.

A bit of insight anyhow. Fun to look into. 🙂