Apologies for the no page update. I’ve been distracted by a side project and an upcoming event so I’m just posting another random art tonight to not get ahead of my buffer.

I love King Seymoore. I didn’t want the king to be a stereotypical masculine bearded king, you know. He’s eccentric, oddly beautiful, and generally seems pretty distant and detached from a lot of the things going on. However the King has a very important role to play in this story! You MIGHT see him again in Chapter 4? WHO KNOWS.

How old is the king? You should never ask a king his age! (Some say late 30s, some early 40s, hard to say, he does wear a lot of makeup.)

At any rate the Webcomics Underdogs did a Tarot Card thing! Was super fun. Here was my King Seymoore entry for the Emperor Card. Enjoi. Page up next week i promise.